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Kelly Bag Pillow Insert - Multiple Sizes

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The Kelly Bag Pillow Insert is a practical accessory designed to help maintain the shape and freshness of your Hermes Kelly bag when it's in storage. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate various Kelly bag models, this insert is a thoughtful addition to your collection of luxury bags.

Key features of the Kelly Bag Pillow Insert:

1. Maintaining Shape: Hermes Kelly bags have a distinct and structured shape, and the insert helps retain that shape, preventing any sagging or deformity during storage.

2. Material: The insert is typically made from soft and durable materials to protect the bag's interior and maintain its structure. It can also help prevent creases or imprints on the bag's leather.

3. Preventing Dust: When your bag is not in use, the insert acts as a barrier against dust and dirt, keeping the bag clean and ready for its next use.

4. Multiple Sizes: The availability of multiple sizes ensures that the insert is compatible with various Kelly bag sizes and models, allowing for a customised fit.

By using a Pillow Insert, you can ensure that your cherished Kelly bag remains in top condition and retains its pristine appearance, even when it's not in use. It's a practical accessory for the preservation and care of your luxury handbag.


Kelly Series Bag Pillow Insert


Available In Multiple Size Options




The Kelly Series Pillow Bag Shaper

With an Acetate pillow bag shaper, you can keep the shape of your high-end handbags or tote bags.

- What is Acetate Fabric?

Fabrics made of acetate are made from wood pulp fibres that have been spun into threads. Acetate is sometimes mixed with silk, wool, or cotton to make it stronger. It is a chemical fibre textile or a semisynthetic. When wood pulp is mixed with different acetic acids, acetate flakes are made. The flakes are put into a solvent and broken up. As the solvent evaporates, the flakes are passed through a spinneret to make the filaments that are used to make the acetate fabric.

- Made of Acetate Fabric, which will never damage the inside of your designer purse.

- With the pillow inside, your bag will keep its original shape and structure when it's not being used.

- Our pillow bag shapers are filled with soft microfibres that are hypoallergenic and odourless. 

Note: All orders are custom made. Estimated production time of 2-3 weeks.

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Kelly Bag Pillow Insert - Multiple Sizes

Kelly Bag Pillow Insert - Multiple Sizes

25 CM / Grey

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Kelly Bag Pillow Insert - Multiple Sizes
Kelly Bag Pillow Insert - Multiple Sizes Sale price$75.00 AUD